Don’t be afraid of failures

When I asked Kengo, “How was the Change Conference?” he answered: “Since I had some job interviews, I couldn’t participate in the whole program. But, even so, I could feel God’s great love and feel God at work.

“It was my first time to do evangelism. The place was Osaka Castle Park. Right under the castle tower, I started talking with a 2nd year high school student guy. 

“My voice was trembling as I read the Four Spiritual Laws, just as I had learned to in that morning’s class. ‘MM, mmhmmm,’ the student kept nodding and listening intently to my clumsy explanation. He prayed and received Christ. I felt that God is most certainly at work, and I was encouraged.

“On the third day, the morning message was ‘Learning from our Failures.’ The Bible passage was Genesis 16. People fail. But God never gave up on Abraham. Through his failures, God taught Abraham about trusting and obeying Him. 

“That afternoon, I had a final selection job interview. There, they asked some questions that I had never considered, and I could only stammer a mumbled reply. ‘Failure!’ After the interview, I sat alone at MacDonald’s, down in the dumps. At that time, I remembered the morning message.

“God must want to teach me something through this failure. I was able to believe this. I will continue looking for a job. I will experience hard things and failure. But I don’t have to be afraid of failure.

“I want to live my life, entrusting everything to the Lord. I want to continue to share God’s love with those around me. This is the decision I made at the Change Conference.”