The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict (Japanese Version)

Is the Bible historically reliable?

The New Evidence is an invaluable resource for any believer to help answer the critics of our faith.

The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict further documents historical evidence of the Christian faith. This reference book is a compilation of notes repared for Josh’s lecture series, “Christianity: Hoax or History?” The entire book (over 750 pages) is laid out in outline form, which makes it easier for researchers, scholars, and students to access. Use this resource as a tool for locating supporting “evidence” whenever the need arises.

  • Part I addresses the reliability of the Bible;
  • Part II offers historical evidence and supporting attestations for Jesus’ claim to be God;
  • Part III addresses “radical Christian criticism” of the Bible;
  • Part IV is devoted to quelling the voice of numerous skeptics, including “a defense for the existence of miracles” and “answers to divergent worldviews.”


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