Jesus for Children (DVD)


A Re-Edited Version of Jesus film





This is a story about Jesus through the eyes of the children. We will follow the life of Benjamin, Celeb, Sarah, Joel, Leia and Nathan who lived in Jerusalam around AD 30. You will be able to watch the story of Jesus the Nazarath, who raised the dead and healed the sick. Some of their families were believers, some were not. So they were wondering who Jesus is and what is the meaning of His work. And one day, they saw Jesus inside the crowd.

They became very interested in Jesus who loved children so much and full of wonderful power and wanted to know what Jesus will do next. They saw Jesus being betrayed, arrested without reason, nailed on the cross, and buried in a tomb. But they believed they will see Him again as He promised. Children of different age will enjoy watching the story of Jesus through the eyes of these children. (2001)


Finally, the DVD version is released!

Audio: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean
Subtitle: Japanese, English, Spainish, Swedish


Sample video (Japanese version)




You can order “Jesus for Children” and “Jesus” DVD through a nearby Christian bookstore.

If you would like to order the English version or other languages, please contact Jesus Film Home Page.