Search (Comic version of "Have you heard of 4 Spiritual laws")


The comic version of "Have you heard of 4 Spiritual laws?" / "Knowing God Personally" is now available!

The Search - 道を探して -



What should I do with my Life?

What is the purpose of life?

Let find them out together with the main character in this booklet!

The latest comic of the famous artist Keri Shinozawa who drew the "Manga Messiah".


★ Easy to distribute(A5 size 48 pages)

★ Full color!

★ Easy to read!

★ It's a life story!

★ A guidance to receive Jesus

Japanese version: 50 yen / booklet (tax included)

English version: 100 yen / booklet (tax included)


We are not selling this item directly. Please order at your nearest Christian bookstore.

The 'Search', Japanese version manga, is only to be sold at local (authorized) Japanese Bookstores in Japan. Unauthorized groups or bookstores would need permission to sell the manga. Please contact HERE, to request for permission to sell the manga.


Sample pages (Japanese version)...

Sample pages (English version)...